In the face of adversity we stick together​.​.

by +goth clubs+

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Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson Why do I love this album? Well, I thought about this. I think because of its honesty; and reality based expression. I expect to get a few more of these little productions.
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duo vocals w/ Joanna Mari of softspoken
---- !!! -----


released August 4, 2017



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Track Name: like chewing gum on concrete (ft. softspoken)
i substituted every reminder of you that i pinned to my walls
with a remodel that was an eggshell white
cause you said that moons look like bone
shards of my memory paint you in gold

but i knew the coating would chip off your skin
from the dents in your shell

i was pummeled deeper into the ridges until i was black like tar
but you had managed to retain color
a bonded dichotomy

that puts unequal halves into one whole, i
never thought we’d spinning out of control, i
figured that things would settle out on their own but
you didn’t need any more than time alone
there's a million things that we could have done just to pay our dues
but was it worth it to make an effort to see it through?

i revel in a dream where i’m translucent
always passing through the stages of the night before
follow every thought into the depths of my regret
between the lines of what’s remembered and what i repress
but i’m sorry that i never had a reason
i was only justifying getting even

scraping us off
we were heavy