no more empty promises, i swear! i'm sorry i don't have a real excuse for the delay!

by +goth clubs+

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demo. the program i recorded this release in particular is shit oh my god. i will redo this soon, i promise.


released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: not enough for me? you are everything!
"what's this?"
Track Name: the worst part is knowing that i will stumble my words! that and figuring out how to leave.
"i have felt things these past few weeks that i didn't know i could feel anymore but i have realized in these past few days. . . you can't just turn back time"
Track Name: whether what was said was meant is not up for debate! i want to forget about it completely!
"earlier i was thinking about how i was annoyed and it's going to sound strange but i was really excited about that"
Track Name: not everything works that way! things aren't always as they are supposed to be.
"the rain didn't last long, did it?"
Track Name: i didn't see any of this coming! it scares me how things could get so much worse for two people.
"look, you're my best friend so don't take this the wrong way. . . you owe it to me"