Death's Invitation: split w/ Tanpopo Crisis

by +goth clubs+

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huge s/o to Matt for proving that you can play everything by yourself & not suck.
check out their project: !!!

& huge thanks to Joanna Mari (softspoken) for helping me out with the vocals on "No seeds sprout from tears..."
check out their project: !!!



released June 20, 2017

artwork: me
supporting vocals: joanna mari



all rights reserved
Track Name: I called you a rose & you poured dirt in the cusps of my hands with false pretenses that led me to believe it would give rise to something meaningful.
i just wanted you to like me
or i just wanted you to say it
cause i knew

we were set out to be perfect
but you would never let me prove it
i wanted to wait

i had given it up like that
laid out all over the table
you begged me to stay

i chased you for years
but now it's too late

your love was torture
i bled right through my sleeves
it felt like my life was over
Track Name: No seeds sprout from tears; they look at adversity from within translucent shells that shield them until the rotting sets in. (ft. softspoken)
he did not speak but cried
in his sleep... tortured eyes.
he poured salt in gardens
lying still, burning too

maybe he was weak at heart?

misery drove him to part from you.
Track Name: I blamed you forever, but in the palms of my hands I crushed what signs you gave me until every grain spilled out of the crevasses like an hourglass that signaled our time was up.
i lied, its my fault too
my wounds stay bleeding around you

heart heavy
my head gets so dizzy around you
i’m spun out of answers

can we spend my off days
busy together to take my mind of you?

cause if we’re being honest
there’s nothing much better
Track Name: Tanpopo Crisis - Slowly Dying And Becoming The Wind
"In my hand I held both the joy of growing up and the agony of being alone"
I am nothing that I promised I would be
Waiting for a bright hole in uncertainty
Silently crying out
For no one to answer
Nocturnal Agony
The day only keep me up at night
Stitching together what I can
So I can slowly pass away in comfort
Wasting days
I never truly tried
I am under my own skin
I am my own impatience
Feigning competence
Growing away from the shell of what I once was
I could never understand
A clouded state of being
Mouring the life I'm still inhabiting
Track Name: Tanpopo Crisis - The Sentiment Dive
Internal walls crushing the atmosphere
So compressed yet so wide open
A field I know I've seen so many times
A soft breeze saying "hello again"
What feels like hollow scratches
Where sentiment is left to starve
Diving into the old waving grass
I am overcome
I am overburdened
A distant shard of myself
It's a shroud of the past
Of the only things that ever gave me joy
And I wallow in the feeling